Hello and welcome to my Web page!

I am happy you found me!

I am a strong and versatile young actor and singer, graduated from the Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts in Helsinki in 2016. I also have a D-level degree in both Musical singing and in Classical opera singing and am currently studying at the MusTe program for Musical Theatre at the University of Arts in Helsinki.

During my career I have had the pleasure of partaking in projects that have included courses specializing in acrobatics, dance, improv, puppeteering, mask theatre and the Finnish and Fin-Swedish sign language. And also some aerial acrobatics with a ring! While singing. Upside down.

I have worked both on stage and in front of the camera in different parts of Finland and Sweden, in Swedish, Finnish and English. I speak all three of these languages fluently (English with a British accent).
I am currently based in (but not bound to) Helsinki and Turku. Visit the CV -menu for more information (in your language of choice).

My Special Talents include:

– Looking very young
– Singing in every genre and both low and extremely high
– Basic acrobatics
– Burping on command
– Jumping into a role on short notice (LOVE IT!!)
– Strength (Lifting weights has become an obsession, believe it or not. I have also recently ran my first Marathon in 4h 42min.)
– Juggling with three balls (Or other objects. Fruit, for example.)
– Rubrik’s Cube (not fast, but can do it in under 2 minutes! Also quite good at Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles.)
– Very primitive basics in piano, violin, guitar, bass, harmonica, ukulele and various skiffle-music instruments. Unfortunately I play very poorly (but gladly!)
– Nerdyness in the subjects of Star Wars and Moomin. Okay, and Harry Potter.
– Making and eating pancakes

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to come see me in a show. If you want to meet up to discuss upcoming projects or casting, let’s do it over a cup of tea. You will find show dates and times in my Calendar in the top menu, and information about currently running shows here below.
Please also take a look at my Showreel and other videos here in the Showreel menu, and visit the Voice menu to see and hear more!
At the moment I work mainly at Åbo Svenska Teater, the Swedish Theatre in Turku, and at Unga Teatern, a children’s theatre in the Helsinki region, but I am happy to make arrangements for freelance-gigs and other projects. Hit me up!
You’ll find my contact information if you scroll down on any page on this web site.

Currently you can see me in:

Claes Olsson’s film Den Svavelgula Himlen / Rikinkeltainen Taivas (“The Yellow Sulphur Sky”), based on the book by Kjell Westö, in which I play Stella Rabell’s rebel daughter Sandi Rabell, is currently running in cinemas in Finland and Sweden. It will also be cut into a TV-series that will air on YLE in the spring of 2022. (Solar Films 2021)

The TV-series Spegelvägen (for brave 7-11 year old children) is to be found on the Yle Arena (link here). It is a lovely autumn halloween mystery adventure for the entire family, perfect for cosy dark evenings. I have the great honor to play the opera singing and slightly eccentric aunt Sigga of the fantastic lead role, 9 year old Leia, who’s parents have disappeard… The TV-series is directed by Staffan Gräsbeck and Monica Vikström-Jokela. Svenska Yle 2021.

In June 2022 I will have the fantastic opportunity to act as a swing in the University of Arts‘ MusTe’s production of the musical The Addams Family. This means that I will or will not perform in any of the parts in this show, which runs from the 2nd to the 9th of June. The tickets are already sold out for every show, but you can put yourself in the queue – and if you want to see me on stage – there are stairs everywhere. The names of the actors in the show can be found in the link. You know what to do.

Next up will be – more horror within the musical genre – Åbo Svenska Teater’s new Dracula-musical, which will premiere on the 15th of September! Exciting!! It’s already getting full – so get your tickets soon, here!

Seksiesitys – Opettavainen komedia seksuaalisuuden historiasta, written and directed by Ruusu Haarla, is a monologue about sex and sexuality, and about how history has shaped our sexuality. It is aimed at teenagers, and is designed to be performed in a classroom environment. This project is my brain baby, and is now realized with Marika Parkkomäki on stage. I have stood for the producing, and have also translated the show into Swedish, and will perform it myself next year. Bookings via Unga Teatern: or (09) 8620 8200 !!

Lauri Maijala’s TV-series Aktivistit about Finnish activists in the early 20th century, is now back on the Yle Arena (link here). In the first episode of the series I play a young Sigrid Schauman, painter and sister of the legendary Eugen Schauman. (Helsinki Filmi 2019)

The first ten episodes of the lovely and exciting animated kids’ TV-series Pricken och Svampingarna is now available in Swedish on the Yle Arena (link here). The series follows a young trio of brave and curious mushrooms in their mushroom world, and amongst the three we have the brave and lively chanterelle Lilli, who has definitely taken out everything from the versatility of my voice.

The audio-adventure-book Eiriks resa till världens ände (“Eirik’s journey to the World’s End”, in Swedish) by MusicFairyTales, in which I have loaned my voice to the fierce Viking soldier Freja, is now out on sale and available in libraries! You can follow the text and the illustrations in the book and listen to the audio book on CD or mp3. The fairy tale is written by Noora Nikka and directed by Risto Kopperi. You can buy it on Adlibris or directly from MusicFairyTales’ web page here.
Dockans Saga (“The Doll’s tale”) and Maria Himmelsångare (“Mary Skysinger”) will also soon be out and and at hand!
The fairy tale about Maria Himmelsångare is also a part of the Satuseinä (Fairy Tale Wall) for children in the central library Oodi in Helsinki.