Running or up-coming performances:

Next season I will move away from the Capital region to be a part of Åbo Svenska Teater’s new Dracula-musical will premiere in September! Exciting!! It’s already getting full – so get your tickets soon!
Tickets and calendar here:

Later this year you will be able to see me on the same stage in the number one of all the classical Christmas stories – Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol! Tickets and schedule here:

Seksiesitys – Opettavainen komedia seksuaalisuuden historiasta, written and directed by Ruusu Haarla, is a monologue about sex and sexuality, and about how history has shaped our sexuality. It is aimed at teenagers and is designed to be performed in a classroom environment. This project is my brain baby, and is now realized with Marika Parkkomäki on stage. I have stood for the producing, and have also translated the show into Swedish, and will perform it myself next year. More info here: